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About me

Here is the mini bio that I use for talks:

"As Director of Technical Services, Communication and Strategy at Wolfram Research Europe, Jon McLoone is central to driving the company's technical business strategy and leading the consulting solutions team. Described as “The Computation Company”, the Wolfram group are world leaders in integrated technology for computation, data science and AI including machine learning. With over 25 years of experience working with Wolfram Technologies, Jon has helped in directing software development, system design, technical marketing, corporate policy, business strategies and much more. Jon gives regular keynote appearances and media interviews on topics such as the Future of AI, Enterprise Computation Strategies and Education Reform, across multiple fields including healthcare, fintech and data science. He holds a degree in mathematics from the University of Durham. Jon is also Co-founder and Director of Development for, an organisation dedicated to a fundamental reform of maths education and the introduction of computational thinking. The movement is now a worldwide force in re-engineering the STEM curriculum with early projects in Estonia, Sweden and Africa."

The full list of my involvement with Wolfram Research is a bit longer as I have been superficially or significantly involved in most aspects of the company at one time or another including product design, development, corporate policy, technical marketing, partnerships, evangelism, PR, competitive analysis, channel management, sales, business systems and processes, marketing programs, training, and no-doubt a few other ways of slicing a company.

I currently have two major roles at Wolfram Research Europe: Director of Technical Services, leading our consulting team, and Director of Technical Communication and Strategy at Wolfram Research Europe, principally responsible for the directions that our company takes on technical strategy business policy, and projects with external organizations. I also act as a spokesman and evangelist for the company.

At, I lead the technical development team and make sure that our content is mathematically correct.

I am also a member of the Industrial Advisory Board for Kings College London, and the Strategic Advisory Board of the Institute of Digital Healthcare

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